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creatingyourlife-nk.jpgNow you can get a signed copy - CREATING YOUR LIFE THE WAY YOU WANT IT ... Your Personal Transformation Guide by R. J. Van Donk

This book has transformed the lives of thousands and it can yours as well.

Richard first wrote this book for his children -after 15 years of going around the world questing knowledge from masters of this life. He sought out masters of the mind, body. spirit, financial, motivation and human potential. He read several hundred books and listened to hundreds of audio discourses before sharing his Life Mastery Seminars. He wrote this book for his kids, in case he died, to make sure that if anything happened to him they would have the benefit of the knowledge and wisdom he had gained, giving them the Optimal Life Keys and a Simple Concise Guide for Living an amazing life. 


Everybody's raving about the "new" truths revealed in the popular "The Secret" dvd  but the same info was already written in this book 35 years ago! And this book adds other essential elements left out in that view. 

Even the new 'green' rave of "Global Change" was already written about as action needed to be taken for our planet 35 years ago in the first versions of this book. Richard has always been a visionary and pioneer.


This life changing book can give you the knowledge to have the personal power to achieve what you want from life. An inexpensive guide that will pay life dividends.


Read this book and benefit from these lessons yourself!


In this power packed, Creating Your Life the Way You Want It, book you will learn how to:


Put your life in its proper perspective. 

How to think for yourself versus being programmed by others.

Develop and maintain lasting relationship.

Strategize your success in 7 steps.


Gain more personal power and create your life the way you have always dreamed it.


Learn meditation, goal setting, taking charge of your life to reprogramming your own mind.


This is a power packed guide to total living.


"Appropriately subtitled, "A Guide for Transformation," It does everything it promises to do."
West Coast Review of Books.


#BK101 $19.95


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  • 5
    Great Book

    Posted by James on Oct 15th 2020

    What a great book! I have enjoyed reading Doshi Van Donk's thoughts on living a purposeful live. This book is well worth obtaining.

  • 5
    Creating Your Life The Way You Want It - Book

    Posted by David M Stinson on Dec 5th 2019

    Heartfelt and realistic to individual goal setting. A huge help for anyone on the planet. Everyone should read this book. In my opinion it should be required reading for High school/College students. Truly an amazing book by Doshi Richard Van Donk. I feel very blessed to have a signed copy. I look forward to ordering and owning all of Doshi RVD's books.