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Bushindo University's     

Bujinkan Ninjutsu-BudoTaijutsu
Masters ALL 

 One Payment- Full Access for LIFE!! FREE UPDATES!!

WE COVER IT ALL.... from the Old Days training of Ninpo Taijutsu, Ninjutsu, Togakure Teachings, Ten Chi Jin... to Juppo Sessho to the more modern Budo Taijutsu. From the Art of Awareness to Combat Ninjutsu.

A Complete Bujinkan Study/Reference Library at your fingertips.

FULL ACCESS to All 7 Courses from Day One - Take Charge of your Training!!

 Limited Time Special Offer- LIFETIME ACCESS for $1997-  
Only $1797- Save $200!!

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Look for a registration e-mail from the Ninja Dojo Portal after sign up. 



The Entire Bujinkan Ninjutsu Masters Course PLUS MORE
is in this ONLINE Portal!!

Study from Beginner to Master level whenever you want and in whatever order you want. No one offers this much Bujinkan Study Material to the general public. Much much more than some video clips like other programs.

A Complete Bujinkan Reference Library at your fingertips. 

Shodan (1st Degree), Shidoshi Teacher Training, Nidan, Sandan, Yondan, Budo Taijutsu, Ninja Weapons Courses including 55 DVDs, 14 CDs, 8 large step by step How-to Manuals, 5 books, over 2,500 study pages, community learning, Ninja Vault and many cool Personal Training Bonuses.

Ninja Dojo Online Training Opportunity. 



Ninjutsu BlackBelt Instructor Certification Training
Train Anywhere, Train Anytime. Train as long as you want! 24/7
Rank certification and teacher training while being a part of a legacy.
Ninja Dojo Online Offers You 
The World's Most Comprehensive Authentic Ninja Training, 
Taking you from Beginner to Master - 


Let me ask you this. What is the most important thing in a fight? Some would say winning.
I say Not getting hit! I would say that staying as safe as possible while not getting injured and our ability protecting others while not looking like a fool is much more important. We all want to win and no one wants to loose. Proper defense strategy, awareness, confidence, and skill set are all important. Ninjutsu adds hidden secret methods that other arts do not - we love to do the unseen and unexpected. In fact we pride ourselves on that. Not only is it fun, IT WORKS!
So in this super proven (since 1992) Ninjutsu BlackBelt Course we start of with building your awareness so that you have the right mind set so you know the proper defensive strategies so you develop the confidence and know how to Ninja your attacker.
We teach you the art of distancing and how not to get hit.
We teach you how to do easy 1-2-3 counters to take your opponent down into submission fast. We teach you how to condition your body, no matter what shape you are now in.
Then level by level, technique by technique we step it up so that in a short time you are handling yourself in a fight with confidence and you are learning cool exotic weapons in the process. One day you will be handling multiple attackers that have weapons. Our training is fun and realistic. Be a part of anicent traditions and grow with it into the future. 
WHAT IS YOUR GOAL? Student? BlackBelt? Instructor? Master?
No matter what your goal is we've got you covered. Shihan Richard Van Donk's university level Ninjutsu program was designed to take a brand-new beginner step-by-step to Master level. We have already done it hundreds of times. Now it is your turn!
The Ninja Dojo Online is Bushindo University's latest inovation. Our Ninjutsu BlackBelt Home Study Courses, created in 1990, have been available on the web since 1996 and our online training since 2005. Now we haver taken our entire $2,750 TEN YEAR Ninjutsu Masters Course, added 3 times more to it and put in the online Ninja Dojo for one low lifetime access price!
How sweet is that? We have worked hard to establish our teachings and provide a way that everyone can train with us and we are excited to offer you this affordable opportunity to train with us now. 
I could talk all day about all the benefits like Personal Empowerment that the art of Ninjutsu brings, or the Body Conditioning, Personal Protection Skills, Rolling, Stealth, Meditation, the Exotic Weapons you will learn, but for the price of a cheap meal you could just traning with us for 30 days and be on your way to at least a Ninja BlackBelt.
The list is long of what is in this portal and goes beyond what can be written here.
Learn the Art of Awareness _ Body Conditioning _ Punching _ Kicking _ Postures _ Grappling _ Rolling _ Spiritual Refinement _ Stealth Meditation _ Sword _ Inner Power _ Shinobi Iri _ Chokes _Throws _ Submission _ Exotic Weapons_ and Much, Much More!!
Maybe this picture will give you the idea. All of this an more is in the Ninja Dojo online!!

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Study Anytime You Want - Where Ever You Want-   Study 24 hrs a day!


Included in the Ninja Dojo Online Training is the ENTIRE Ninjutsu Masters Course – 

Strategically time-released lesson by lesson in a proven progression just like you would be taught in a dojo. Plenty to study without being overwhelmed - You will have to train regularly to keep up. 

SEVEN COMPLETE COURSES! Shodan (1st Degree), Teacher Training, Nidan, Sandan, Yondan, Budo Taijutsu, Ninja Weapons Courses including 55 DVDs, 14 CDs, 8 large step by step How-to Manuals, 5 books, over 2,500 study pages, community learning, Ninja Vault and many cool Personal Training Bonuses.
PLUS built in Instructor Teacher's Training Certification! (Note: You must pass a test) The Ninja Dojo is growing everyday! 
PLUS 18 Skills of the Ninja Section. Ten Chi Jin (Heaven Earth and Man teachings) 
Lots of FREE Bonuses, including Tai Kai dvds and Old Hatsumi footage NEVER before released to the general public.
Don't just watch video clips like in some other people's online trainings - Here you will actually study a Complete Master System of Ninjutsu knowledge and Get Certified!  


 Strategic learning just like you would do in a good dojo. 

I guarantee that this is most complete and comprehensive PROVEN curriculum worldwide. 


  • FEEDBACK STUDY- You have the ability to ask your questions and post your comments on EVERY Video / Audio / Written Post and get feedback.
  • COMMUNITY BASED – Make NEW Ninjutsu friends worldwide.
  • INSTRUCTOR GUIDANCE- ALL of our IBDA instructors have learned EXACTLY what you will learn to become one yourself and can answer your questions.
  • PRIVATE TRAINING - Be invited to private seminars, Tai Kais and events.
  • UNLIMITED SYSTEM - No one else is even crazy enough to offer you all this training in one place. Learn the wazas of the traditional 9 schools of the Bujinkan, Togakure Ryu, Gyokko Ryu, Shinden Fudo Ryu, Takagi Yoshin Ryu, Kukishinden Ryu, Koto Ryu.
  • And So Much More... ALL this in one Study Portal! Study Anytime! Study Anywhere!
  • Plus you get IBDA membership and rank testing opportunities. 

If you study diligently with this course you should obtain your BlackBelt by then and continue on to 2nd dan and beyond.

FREE Bonus Items!
FREE- Ranking Registration @ $125.00
Many extra dvd and Tai Kai footage being added often @???
A life of fun and safety @ invaluable





Okay... You made it this far without enrolling yet.

Let's get a little more personal together.

I really appreciate your reading this far (or skipping your way down here). I do hope that you join us in our Ninjutsu Training and that I get an opportunity to meet you one day. The Shodan Course is the Beginning. We have a Shidoshi Teachers Training Course and advanced dan levels studies to 10th dan.

I have done my best to tell you in so many ways how this course can changed your life. Why? Because I have lived it and it has changed my life and thousands of other peoples. I know that it can change yours as well. I am sorry if I have been to bold but sometimes that is what it takes to get someone to take action on something that they are interested in.

I am not looking for a quick dollar, I already mastered that many, many years ago. I am not really even looking for a lot more students, as I mostly only teach teachers now. I am looking to change lives. I love to inspire people to live their lives with passion. Martial Arts teach inner harmony and freedom while you are learning to defend yourself and your family. This small amount of money can do just that. Well, you must add a lot of training, and perseverance. But that is the fun part.

I cannot promise that if you check back later that this offer will still be available at that time.

See you on the mat!

Shihan Richard Van Donk, 15th dan
Personal Student of Grandmaster Masaaki Hatsumi since the mid 1980's


If you feel more comfortable in speaking with someone you can Call 24 hours a day 707-987-9322 to order right now, as we limit the amount of courses that we can offer this way. 
See you on the Mat!

Bujinkan Ninjutsu-BudoTaijutsu 
Masters ALL ONLINE Course

 One Payment- Full Access for LIFE!! FREE UPDATES!!

 Limited Time Special Offer- LIFETIME ACCESS for $1997-
Only $1797- 

CLICK THIS ONLINE COURSE BUTTON, instead of putting it in the cart, for INSTANT Access >

Look for a Registration e-mail from the Ninja Dojo Portal at after sign up. 


If you are not ready for the ONE TIME for LIFE Payment for ALL IN ACCESS then start with the NINJA DOJO ONLINE SHODAN Program - Then Add too it when you are ready. It is all ONLINE t
his is a time delivered method of study with more and more studies every month. We have done our best to serve any budget.
To learn everything about this and  to Sign Up Go Here