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by DaiShihan's Paul Richardson and Richard J. Van Donk

 history-of-the-schools.jpgThe history of the Bujinkan SchoolsIs very fascinating and will keep you up late at night reading, studying and thinking about it. You'll be fascinated with where the arts came from, how and why they were formed, what aspects they represent and who carried on the lineage. 

Did you know that the names of the schools have changed over time? Do you know which other arts have influenced these arts?

Do you know the real importance of these schools in the history of Japan and where are those same lessons couldHelp us in our current day and age? 

You are training in something very special that has lasted for hundreds if not thousands of years. These ryu (schools) have lasted through many changes in governments and power. And they have been responsible for many of those changes. So much so that not even all that history can actually be told even to this day. We have done what we can to bring you a good concise understanding of a history that is hard to find information on and as accurate as we could. More research is happening all the time and this is a great book to get you educated and inspired.


History of the Bujinkan arts will take you to a new depth of understanding in what you are really training in.  There is much to this art.
Travel through time and trace the paths of these ancient warriors as they start and help inspire the traditions that we still study today!

100+ pages of Bujinkan History that includes a section on the life and teachings of Takamatsu Sensei and on Hatsumi Sensei.

 A must for every Budo library. $39.95 Now only $34.95

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  • 5
    History of the Schools within the Bujinkan.

    Posted by Clinton Woosley on Jan 26th 2021

    I had been looking forward to reading this book ever since I came upon it in the Bujinkan store. It did not disappoint! Informative and entertaining, you can tell alit of thought was put into it's conception. Very well written. it was quite an enjoyable read. I am very happy to have made its purchase. Well worth it, and I recommend it for anyone who is curious about where this fine art arises from.

  • 5
    Historical perspective

    Posted by James on Oct 15th 2020

    History books can often be a bit boring, but that is not true with the History or the Schools of the Bujinkan. Do yourself a favor and grab this book and take a quick trip through the history of the various Bujinkan ryu.

  • 5
    Recommended for those who want blackbelt and more

    Posted by Trevor James Kunze on Jan 2nd 2020

    I think it's a good book to gain in-depth insight on. History is nice to be pragmatic. With a recollection of the history of Japan in mind, it's nice to expand on the collection of history in Japan. Like other world powers, where history is re-wrote to account for how the owners of history writing see it this too is good to gain an insight on how to correlate timelines with the samurai.

  • 5

    Posted by Gary Christy on Dec 29th 2017

    I love this book about the history and traditions of this art that I am so completely enthralled by. This book is very comprehensive and detailed in its explanation of the ninpo tradition.

  • 5
    The schools of the Bujinkan

    Posted by Richard Hurschman on Dec 19th 2017

    Like Christmas every day. I have read it 3 times through now and learned more each time. Its a great read with some details I never knew. Love the lay out and easy to read style.