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Infinite Way MEDITATION PILLOW-  This option is NOT FILLED
Custom designed by Doshi for the Infinite Way Teachings. 

Made with high quality soft valor feeling purple and gold fabric on the top and the bottom. On top we embroidered the Wheel of Light exactly to match the teachings and meditations that go with the Infinite Way which is also written on the Wheel Of Light. 

When you use this pillow for Meditation or just sitting you tune your vibrations to Doshi and all the other students around the world.

For easy carry we added a handle.

Under the handle is a zipper to add or remove filling. We suggest and personally use Organic Buckwheat - 5lbs seems about perfect for sitting. You will love the looks and feeling of this Zafu or Meditation pillow. You see it here on my sheepskin rug.

OPTIONS- You can get it with the 5lbs of Buckwheat filling or without any filling so that you can fill it yourself.
Note: We are offering the 5lbs of Buckwheat at our cost (about $25). We buy WhiteLotus Buckwheat at wholesale. 

The Infinite Way Meditation Pillow is custom made and not something just mass produced. 

EW-PILLOW_Filled: $70
EW-PILLOW_NoFill:  Not Filled: $37 - You will fill it yourself