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ROLLING MADE EASY - Making the Ground your friend

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Making the Ground Your Friend -----

Roll like a clunker? Smooth out the bumps and bruises by learning how to make the ground your friend and make every roll much easier and more effective.

The ground is our friend and it tells us exactly where we need to improve our relationship to it as we interact with it. Rolling may seem easy on a nice padded mat but in the real world made of asphalt and cement it hurts if you are not rolling effectively.

Did you know that over 90% of fights end up on the ground? So having good real-world rolling skills are essential for any martial artist!

On this video we explore the basic rolls used in Ninjutsu and specifically break them down for you in an easy to learn fashion. Although rolling skills are covered on the BlackBelt Home Study Course this dvd takes it even further and goes more indepth, making it a great addition to your set. You asked for more rolling tips so Shihan Van Donk made this dvd specifically for you.

For this dvd Shihan Van Donk asked the assistance of Shihan Ken Balanon and Shidoshi Joel Everett to help teach you the art of rolling. So get rolling now and get this great instructional dvd!


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