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Light Warrior 'One Freedom' Coin Membership

Your Membership Includes:

Light Warrior 'One Freedom' Coin-

This beautiful Membership Coin is done in Royal Blue and Gold with the EW 'Light Warrior' logo design on one side and the 'Make it Better' logo design on the flip side. Your coin is specially numbered on the edge and registered only to you!!!






Keep it in your pocket as a challenge coin.






logo-finalwhite72sm-001.jpgCurrent Annual EW Light Warrior Wall Certificate - hand signed and numbered

Wheel of Light 6" Patch (double the size of the basic membership coin)

And a free copy of the book "Creating Your Life the Way You Want It"
  by Richard Van Donk.


We invite you to join us as an official member of the Society Of Enlightened Warriors to help spread unity, understanding and peace in the world in which we live.

Most people choose this option first so as to get their coin and then they renew with the basic annual membership.

Thanks for being a part of the World Team!