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Wheel of Light 6"

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Wheel Of Light - "Infinite Way" Dojo Patch 6"


Uni-Dynamics Jeweled Wheel Of Light designed by Doshi Richard Van Donk

1. Unity is at the core of everything. There is no duality, only refraction of the one. Therefore a multi-faceted diamond is at the center which represents the precious jewel of enlightenment and true clarity and compassion for all.

2. Integration is the experience of the oneness as all parts refractions of being are unified. What holds this in place is gratitude; its grace represented by the Golden Lotus with happo 8 (infinite) petals. The heart of true wisdom and inspires us to raise our consciousness to it’s highest attainment.

3. The 8 (or happo) fold path represented by 8 extended golden path lines from the center extending just past the outer edge of the circle. This represents that you can enter the source from anywhere.

4. The Golden Ring circle at the outer ends of the 8 paths. Unity is everywhere. Reminds that all paths lead to the same Realization which connects all paths. All is connected to the source.

5. Full spectrum of awareness for the unfolded reality. This is represented by the Rainbow reverberating out from the center to the circle’s edge red, orange, yellow, green, light blue, violet to magenta at the outer Golden Ring.

6. Eight rainbow-colored Jeweled Circles representing the frequency and chosen path that you are entering the wheel on are placed where the Golden Path and outer ring circle meet. In the Enlightened Warrior Teachings they are an attribute of our life experience which we seek self mastery in so that we will be integrated and whole.

7. Eight spokes of the wheel penetrating past the circle’s edge as sword tips, piercing the unknown, cutting away any false illusions of the path and providing protection for those beginning the journey.

8. We use OM in the center of the diamond as a symbol of the Infinite Sound creating the fractionation we know as life from the One Light harmonizing all into being.

Our path is the infinite gate-less path. It is a journey of the realization of the Divine through the journey of self discovery. Enter where you desire on the wheel, travel as you are divinely guided towards the completion of the Being. Begin with awareness and spread this knowledge to everything inside and outside of you. Be kind to everything.

This Wheel of Light symbol has been trademarked for logo, Enlightened Warrior teachings, art, 10 color embroidered patch. To us it is reminder of our golden matrix of living. Wearing this symbol as jewelry, on a practice uniform, on a piece of clothing represents that you are a uniter, a co-creator of the one family, one mind, one heart, one being and are on the path of integration.

World Peace starts at home inside of you and me. 
There is no World Peace without self peace. 
Our goal is World Joy