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SANSHIN NO KATA - Chi, Sui, Ka, Fu and Ku No Kata

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Chi (Earth), Sui (Water), Ka (Fire), Fu (Wind) and Ku (Space) no Kata

Elementary in nature and practical in application, the Sanshin no kata (three hearts methods)is the root and core of all the Bujinkan Ninjutsu training. 

The Sanshin comes from the 1,000+ year old Kosshijutsu system of Gyokko Ryu. It has been practiced through the ages because the movements are fundamental to striking methods whether armed or unarmed.

Learn each of the 5 forms (Chi, Sui, Ka, Fu and Ku) as they are broken down piece by piece and step by step just as they were taught to Shihan Van Donk by Grandmaster Hatsumi in Japan. It is exciting to witness how each of these kata forms are used in actual combat. What's even more exciting is to see that they are the fundamental basis for using all longer range weapons, as is shown specifically on this DVD by Shihan Richard Van Donk. 

You will learn the practicality and use of the SanShin in a whole new light when you get this dvd. Learn how the cores of martial arts can be contained inside these fundamental and powerful kata methods of moving and striking.


Taught by Shihan Van Donk and assisted by Shihan Ken Balanon.

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