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 The TenChiJin No Maki (Book of Heaven, Earth and Man) is at the very core of the Bujinkan teachings.


With this manual you can study the original teaching curriculum established by Takamatsu-Sensei and redrafted by Soke Hatsumi for his instructors in the late 1970's and early 1980s.


Very few foreign Shidoshi ever obtained these teaching scrolls directly from Hatsumi. Shihan Richard Van Donk was granted all 3 of these teaching books (the book of Heaven, the book of Earth, and the book of Man) in 1986 as a Shidoshi-ho. He was told that he was the first person ever to have them given to him at that level (Nidan / Shidoshi-ho).


A Note from Shihan Van Donk:

This in-depth Ten Chi Jin Study Notebook is a most valuable asset for studying the teachings of Soke Masaaki Hatsumi. I have translated my own personal Shidoshi densho for you which was given to me in 1986 by Soke Hatsumi. Then I added my own training notes of many years of study in Japan. I also inserted the actual waza densho from the related school when it applies for a technique. In addition to all this I inserted the kanji into this work for those that would like to explore it 


With this work you really have something rare and quite valuable in your hands. I have invested a few thousand dollars and about 25 years of study in this manuscript. Study this work well as it is the foundation to the Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu. Every Japanese Shihan grew up the ranks by learning this material and so should you. 


I am happy to be able to give you this opportunity to study the roots of the Bujinkan teachings.


 This limited special edition was put together by Shihan Richard Van Donk, Jugodan especially for the 2009 Ten Chi Jin IBDA Tai Kai as a study manual that students could take home. We are not sure how long we will continue to reproduce these -at least not at this low price. 


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  • 4
    Visuals vs. visualization

    Posted by Lex Temple on Jul 22nd 2022

    Because I am a 9th kyu, most of the descriptions I can visualize, however it would be very helpful to have key visuals for some of the techniques that are more difficult to explain.

  • 5
    The Ten Chi Jin is a must have for any serious Bujinkan Practioner. It will aid in the the understanding of the kihon happo, katas, and wazas.

    Posted by Gary Christy on Nov 20th 2019

    I highly recommend this book.

  • 5
    Ten Chi Jin Training Manual

    Posted by Mark Davis on Nov 19th 2019

    First off it is signed. This manual gives insight to the person studying it. I feel it should be read often to help with in depth understanding of the art.