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DeCuerdas Eskrima Training Manual- Level One Yellow Belt

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DeCuerdas Eskrima Training Manual - Level One Yellow Belt

by Eskrima GrandMaster Richard Van Donk

DeCuerdas Eskrima is one of the deadliest close-in blade fighting systems in the world. The true system was kept secret and handed down family to family. 

The late Grandmaster Tenio openly taught a mixture of 19 Eskrima systems while keeping the core of the DeCuerdas teachings secret. Shortly before he died Tenio passed down the true DeCuerdas teachings to Master Van Donk, who is now revealing them in a step by step, level by level teaching format.

You can now learn at home the secrets to Filipino knife and stick fighting with Bushindo University's Dynamic DeCuerdas Eskrima Training created and taught by Master Richard Van Donk.

This level One - Yellow Belt manual is made as a reference guide to accompany your dojo training, Online DeCuerdas Study Portal or to support the individual dvds on the same title. We consider this manual a very necessary learning tool. 

Students are loving it because it contains a brief history of the art, photos and bios of Grandmasters Tenio and Van Donk, Certification requirements, Step-by-Step descriptions and photo sequences of the techniques (so you can refer the manual while you are training), diagrams of the blocking and striking systems, instructor opportunities, how to test with us and much more.
Techniques learned in Level One - Yellow Belt


  • Weapons we train with - knowledge and handling
  • Positions: Ready, Attention, Fighting, Salute
  • Warm-ups, stretches, energy flows, DeCuerdas warm up exercises
  • Alive Hand
  • Arko stick drill
  • Striking and Cutting Styles
  • Basic Strikes - 1-5 DeCuerdas strikes, 1-5 Serrada strikes


  • 5 Fighting Distances: 0-4
  • 9 angles of body attacks
  • DeCuerdas House Blocking system 1-8
  • Punching Styles basics
  • Empty hand passing
  • Triangle V Foot work – Forward V and Largo V
  • 9 horizontal floor directions
  • Levels of body defense 1-5
  • Basic Eskrima History
  • Single stick attack vs. single stick short range blocks – distance 4 & 3  (see house blocking drills)


You need these 4 manuals if you are studying the DeCuerdas Eskrima teachings art!    #BK-DEL1 $29.95 each

or $99.95 for all Four.