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Ninja Weapons Certification Advanced Course

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Now Get Certified as an Advanced Level Ninja Weapons Specialist!  


Bushindo Martial Arts University offers you an outstanding opportunity to get recognized for your study of the Ninja weapons.


Shihans Richard and Linda Van Donk teach you the weapon basics of


  • Sword - Katana
  • Hanbo - 3 foot staff
  • Tanto - short knife
  • Kusari Fundo - short chain with metal ends 
  • Shuriken- throwing stars
  • Teppan - iron plate 
  • Rokushaku Bo - 6 foot staff
  • Naginata - long staff with a blade on the end
  • Jutte - defensive iron tool
  • Shuko - hand claws
  • KyoketsuShoge -
  • Yari - spear
  • Hand Gun-
  • Kunai - digging tool


All of this great weapons training comes on SIX full dvds taught to you in an easy to follow step-by-step instructional manner. What are you waiting for? Get this course and become recognized for your study efforts!


In your Ninja Weapons Certification Course you will receive:



1. NINJA WEAPONS BASICS  - VOL. 1 DVD       ... A $35 Value


2. NINJA WEAPONS BASICS  - VOL. 2 DVD      ...A $35 Value


3.KUSARI FUND0 åÐ Beginners VOL. 1 DVD       ...A $35 Value


4. KUSARI FUND0 åÐ Advanced VOL. 2 DVD      ... A $35 Value


5. HANBOJUTSU DVD                                 ... A $35 Value




7. Beginner Specialist LEVEL UNIFORM PATCH        ... A $15 Value


 These weapons are really fun to train with! The Ninja used many weapons, both traditional and exotic so we share with you some of both.


We start with the most commonly known Ninja weapons and share with you what they are, how they are used, the postures to hold them in, and how to strike with them.


This Ninja Weapons Course is made for you to practice along with and learn the correct weapon postures by name and then how to strike with them.


Here is a sample description from what is on just two of the 6 DVDs - and you get 4 more!




Learn the training aspects, dynamic postures and methods of proper Ninja Weapon striking and grappling application in both combat and defense. The first instruction dvd starts with the following Ninja weapons. Hanbo, Tanto, Kusari Fundo, Shuriken, Teppan, Rokushaku Bo, & Naginata.

1 hour Instruction giving you months of study! 


#DVD511 reg. $34.95





The 2nd Ninja Weapons Basics dvd continues with the aspects, postures and strikes of the Sword, Jutte, Shuko, KyoketsuShoge, Yari, Gun & and Kunai.

1 hour Instruction giving you more months of study!


#DVD512 reg. $34.95


 This is your opportunity to learn the aspects, postures and striking methods of 14 of the most popular Ninja weapons that are used in Bujinkan Ninjutsu training.


Until this set there was nowhere you could find all this information in one place, especially in a course that you can get certified in! The entire course is taught by Shihans Richard and Linda Van Donk.


Get your course and get started right now! You can submit a video of your training for an Advanced level certificate and patch - small testing / certificate fee applies.


Ninja Weapons Specialist Advanced Level Course $275 value for Only $197  

online-course-purple-gold.jpegOnly $197 - Enjoy Online Version- No Shipping - No VAT - Instant Access + More content - Save Money. 

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  • 5
    Advanced Weapons Course

    Posted by Darrell Roath on May 31st 2021

    Very good course