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"Perfecting Your Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu"


When you enroll in a Bushindo University Course YOU GET BOTH the PHYSICAL COURSE BINDER MANUAL (no disks) and the ONLINE DOJO COMPLETE VIDEO/MANUAL TRAINING at Portal, so that you will Always have the latest teachings for life!  

AGAIN, you get the ONLINE DOJO TRAINING that has all the video lessons and manual pdf's viewable on any computer and on the Phone/Tablet App PLUS you will be mailed the PHYSICAL COURSE BINDER( NO disks will be sent) so that you can hold that in your hands to read it, make notes, and add additional related studies to the Course Binder. 
Your huge Advantage is that Doshi (and shihan Instructors) can easily add additional great lesson footage directly to your Training Course in minutes. You will always have the latest training. Plus you can ask questions about any lesson the training in the study portal. Doshi is really excited about being able to add to your training.
FYI, Our ONLINE programs at Bushindo University have always been up to date, including PDF's of the Manuals and has had more information in it due to the remastering of and lack of desire for DVD’s by some students. ONLINE training still costs the University money to run everything as much as the printed material . Most everyone loves to hold the manuals in their hands, including me. 
SO NOW YOU GET BOTH. SO NOW YOU GET BOTH. Your Binder will be mailed and you will be given access in the Bushindo University Dojo Portal. 

BUDO TAIJUTSU COURSE PHYSICAL BINDER MANUAL (mailed - no disks) includes 236 PAGES of a MASTER Blueprint for studying Martial Arts, and especially the Ninpo Taijutsu/Ninjutsu system:
Budo Taijutsu Course REALLY is a MASTER BLUEPRINT. 10 MASTER Instructors share the most important training principles of the Art! 

11 Master Class 1 hr+ Video Trainings and their written knowledge will take literally years off your training curve.  

"Perfecting Your Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu"

Budo Taijutsu Course MASTER BLUEPRINT. 10 MASTER instructors share the most important training principles! 


Face it Budo Taijutsu is Not easy to define as a martial art. Some people really get it and yet others struggle in learning it.

One reason is that it is hard to define - much less structure into a body of study. It is an art that needs to be interactively practiced with someone that is beyond your own current knowledge level. It is really a study of concepts, principles and ideas to use in combat. Like exlporing the proper distance, controlling the space (kukan), take your opponent off balance, strike witout being seen, etc. (the course has over 100 principles).  Even Soke Hatsumi (now fully retired) did not teach a formal way but yet uniquely demonstrates his concepts and principles to any form. He demonstrates simple but yet complex relationships of budo. 

This course was created to help ALL Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu practitioners understand all the dynamic relationships of the Bujinkan art. This art has never been defined the way it is in this Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu Course. For many students it has been difficult to determine what they are really studying and what is important in that study. One reason is that the training draws from 9 different schools and overlaps in it's concepts in every class. The other is that while concepts are explored they have not been defined all in one place leaving the student to determine for themselves what is useful in the training. This has it's pros and it's cons. Many students and instructors have become confused.  AN OVERVIEW TEACHING ON WHAT IS THE MOST IMPORTANT LESSONS AND CONCEPTS IN LEARNING THE ART.

Every year when I plan our annual Tai Kai event I chose a very special special theme for the training. When I sat down to think about it I had this great brainstorm that lasted for several hours  - I mean I literally could not stop writing for almost 3 hours!

My brainstorm was triggered by asking myself this question: 

“What are all the most important lessons of Budo Taijutsu ever taught to me by Soke Hatsumi over the last 25+ years?”

This really is a great question to ask yourself at any time about the art you study. And when you have studied an art for over 30 years and have made over 50 trips to Japan to train with Soke Hatsumi and other Shihan this is a super question!

But I don't want to get off track here - most important to me were all the answers I got to that question and the method by which I got them.
They literally came flying into my brain and at first I wrote them down as bullet points - but then as I went back over the bullet points I received specific exercises on how to share these points with you.

Then I codified all the lessons into a progression of importance to detail it all out for anyone to learn them.

WOW! But I didn't stop there. I then contacted my senior instructors and asked them to write out  their 10 top most important insights on this question. From those answers I asked some of them to work a few months on a lesson plan and come share it at the event. Helping Shidoshi Richard Van Donk (15th Dan) in share their master Budo Taijutsu principles in this course with their years of experience are Shihan’s Dan Ordoins (15th Dan), Linda Van Donk (13th Dan), James King (13th Dan), John Owsiak (8th Dan), Carlito Flores (8th Dan); Shidoshi’s Charles Benham 7th Dan, Roman Marquez, 7th Dan, James Clum 7th Dan, and Shidoshi-ho’s Jamie Daiken (4th Dan) and Theodore Schink (4th Dan). These IBDA instructors have all trained with me (and others) and have been to Japan to train in the hombu dojo directly with Soke Hatsumi. You have to agree that this adds up to a wealth of experience in budo. Get the best of what they have learned in the arts presented to you. Get started and enjoy this training.


I filmed this event! And complied their most important concepts of Budo into a 236 page manual that includes the Ten Chi Jin Shidoshi books that has my own training notes in it. 

About Budo Taijutsu (

Budo Taijutsu is a practical natural real fighting and philosophical martial arts system deeply founded in the lore of the mystic warriors of feudal Japan, both the Samurai and the Ninja. In our dojos we practice techniques, wazas, principles and philosophies of 9 different Japanese martial art schools, known as Ryu in Japanese. We train both unarmed and armed (both ancient, exotic and modern). We train in true proven ancient budo methods and we train in modern applications that have been used by Special Forces, FBI, DEA and police forces worldwide. The founder and International Director of the Bujinkan Dojo (Divine Warrior Training) with its Hombu Dojo, called the Bujinden (Divine Palace), residing in Noda City, Japan is Grandmaster Masaaki Hatsumi (commonly referred to as Soke – head of family).




  • 236 page“Perfecting Your Budo Taijutsu”Instruction Course Manual
  • 11 VIDEO 1hour Plus Master Classes –Shidoshi Richard Van Donk and 9 other instructors share with you their master concepts of Budo Taijutsu in actual demonstration and drills to practice. All about 1 hr long.
  • 70 PAGE Ten Chi Jin Manual - Shidoshi Richard Van Donk notes from 25 years of compiling and studying the Heaven Earth And Man scrolls known as the Ten Chi Jin. This is a $75 bonus value (for real check the price at the store).It is included here in case you are not real familiar with the core teachings of Soke Hatsumi.


This Budo Taijutsu Course of over 11 hours of Master Classes Training and 236 page Binder Manual 
Only $347- for years of training. AVERAGING about Only $10 month. 

Folks that is only about $17 a Video!! And they are all about 1 hour long!  When you figure in the 236 page Training Manual in a special binder (at least $75) + the $75 Ten Chi Jin manaul-

Awesome deal for awesome training. You are getting ELEVEN (11+) HOURS's for of 10 Master Class teachers teaching you the best concepts of Budo Taijutsu!

It will take literally years off your training curve.  And give you insights beyond your current knowledge.

Master Blueprint for ONLY $347-
WANT DVDS?? We got you. Add the DVDs for only $100-