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Mikkyo Goma Fire Ritual DVD


This most likely is the ONLY video of this sacred ceremony filmed up close and personal.

The holy fire purification ritual of the Shingon Mikkyo tradition of Esoteric Buddhism is performed directly for you to personally receive the Fudo Myo initiation and purification process!

Master Richard Van Donk received rare permission from his Japanese Mikkyo teacher Kensensai Machida to make this video recording of the Ritual of Fudo Myo so you could experience true Mikkyo teachings for yourself.

By receiving this empowerment you can better decide if Mikkyo is a path you wish to study further. 

The ritual is filmed up-close and very personal for the entire ritual, revealing all of the chants, kuji-in (hand weaving) and ritual practices. 

Performed by Mikkyo Priest Takeshi Machida 

Approx 45 minutes #DVD800 $39.95