MIKKYO An Introduction to

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MIKKYO: An Introduction     Six Week Course


Mikkyo is the secret esoteric teachings of Japanese Vajrayana (Diamond Thunderbolt Buddhism. This course forms the foundation for the study of Mikkyo -  the history and theories of Buddhism are studied, as well as an overview of the theories, rituals, tools and practices of Mikkyo.

This six-week course includes a 99 page workbook, weekly meditation exercises, quizzes, a final exam, an audio cd with meditation exercises and vocabulary pronunciations, and a completion certificate from SATI. 

Suggested prerequisite : Sati Course 111 Introduction to Buddhism)

SC# 113 $39.95

Sati MIKKYO / KUJI COURSES are brought to you by "Jisho" Richard W. Sears, an ordained teacher of Tendai Buddhism