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Teach what you love.
Earn extra income!!
We have the art, the strategic learning system, authentic Japan training, time proven instruction, 30+ year old established organization, and a complete how to be a great teacher training course. What could you possibly be waiting for? This is the ONE course anyone who teaches or is thinking about teaching needs to have!

IBDA Shidoshi Teacher Training Course
Become a Teacher of the Warrior Ways of Enlightenment!
We are looking for IBDA NINJUTSU Instructors -
Is that you? Are You Ready?
Study this Ninjutsu Teacher Training Course to become a better Martial Arts teacher while learning:
  • How to be a very skilled, confident teacher
  • How to create interesting Lesson Plans – daily, weekly, monthly and yearly
  • How to handle your students' challenges and keep them happy
  • Your responsibilities as a teacher
  • How to Empower yourself to Empower others
  • To become a good communicator and leader, how to think on your feet and be quick at decision making
  • The History of the Ten Chi Jin and the esoteric meanings of teaching the "Way"
Plus Much, Much More......


You may have trained in this art for a quite a while but who has ever taken the time to train you how to teach? Who has taken the time to explain why we do certain things the way we do them and what it means? Now you can learn this real and all too often not understood information on the "Way" and how to teach it from a respected teacher who's been on this path himself for over 40 years.

Would You Sell your BlackBelt experience for $50,000?
We have asked many people over the years who have achieved Black Belt level with us this same question,
"Would you sell your Blackbelt knowledge, the changes it has made in your life, the impact it has made on others and the friends you have made through training for $50,000?"

Their reply? NO WAY. In one class of 20 Blackbelts we upped the ante to $1,000,000 yet they still all said NO. They actually said they would turn down one million dollars - Now that says something about the training!
    Did you know you can be a Black Belt in doing techniques and yet only be a White Belt at being able to teach them?
    Teaching can be challenging on many levels until you learn by trial and error over time what works and what doesn't OR now you can get trained in a proven step-by-step method, possibly avoiding many years of painful stress or just getting too frustrated and quitting.

    Teaching becomes a natural progression for many students that reach their Black Belt level, sometimes even sooner, as friends and family become curious about what you are learning. Sharing what you love is magical and gives you a great feeling inside.
  • But it is one thing to be able to do techniques and a whole other thing to be able to share the teachings in a way that others can under­stand and duplicate what you are sharing. When the size of your group increases to 10, 20, 50 or even 100 students on any consistent basis it can be very overwhelming if you are not trained in how to handle this.
  • The IBDA Shidoshi Teacher Training Course is designed to teach you how to set up your trainings, create schedules, create themes and select material for your classes. It will also teach you how to instruct a class and how to handle challenging dojo situations. It will teach you how to interact with your students in a way that keeps them coming back for more.

    Doshi Richard Van Donk (Bujinkan DaiShihan) will teach you how he teaches, how he trains his instructors and the secrets to helping them to have better lives while getting paid to do what they love.

    Are you part of the future of the Bujinkan teachings?
    The future of the Bujinkan teachings depend on its instructors knowing how to properly transfer the art’s knowledge to their students and for these instructors to represent themselves as confident professionals both in and out of the dojo.
    We want our instructors to be good examples for others to follow and that means they should be given training in how to teach. This makes their transition to teaching easier and this is why IBDA requires that all students who wish to become Shidoshi-ho instructors with IBDA complete this Shidoshi (Teacher of the “Warrior Ways of Enlightenment”) Teacher Training Course. Some people will get to learn this in a dojo setting and others may only train outdoors with a few friends, but whatever your situation, this Teacher Training Course will will give you the tools and the understanding needed to go to a deeper level in your personal training
    It is wonderful if you can attend our dojo classes directly or train with a certified instructor but if this is not available to you then we have a complete Distant Learning Program that can take you as far as you want to go. Start with the Black Belt Home Study Shodan Course and work your way to the top.

    Now, while you are training to get your Black Belt in Ninjutsu (if you don't already have one) you can also study how to teach the art to others. Most students will start this Shidoshi Teacher Training by the time they reach the 3rd kyu level, which is over half way to Shodan, so that when you get your Shodan (or Nidan) you will already be trained as a Shidoshi-ho (junior licensed instructor) and a direct student under Doshi Richard Van Donk and IBDA certified instructor.

    Taking this Shidoshi Ninjutsu Teacher Training Course will enable you to open up your own Ninjutsu dojo. But the greatest achievement of all is what you will feel inside, the changes you have made in your life and how this affects others around you because of your hard-earned efforts. These studies have been proven to change lives! If this is your path you can help us change lives by sharing the art properly!
    The Shidoshi Teacher Training Course is a required prerequisite to becoming an IBDA Shidoshi-ho instructor.
    You do not have to be an IBDA member to get this course at this time. This has been a subject of big debate with my staff and current Shidoshis, however, I really want everyone to benefit from this course - and honestly I don't know how you can really call yourself a teacher, a Shidoshi, if you don't know and understand the information contained in this training course. I know that I'm being quite blunt here but it's the truth. There are hundreds of people with the title of Shidoshi who haven't got a clue as to what's behind what they see Soke Hatsumi do at every training, like bowing in, proper before and after chants, what things mean in the dojo space, not one clue. It is time to learn that.

    How can they pass on the real teachings correctly? So at this time the Shidoshi Ninjutsu Teacher Training Course is available to everyone, no matter who they train with
    but my mind may be changed at anytime by the IBDA students that are committed to the teachings.
    I know that this is an excellent course. It took me over 20 years to learn all the things I've put into this Shidoshi Teacher Course and over 2 years to write it.
    Now you can get all of it for only $297!!!  SALE PRICE $247-
    I ASSURE YOU that it will save you years of errors and heartache and will earn you many times the investment. This has been more than proven by all the students that has completed this training.
  • shidoshi-coursestore.jpg 
    The Shidoshi Ninjutsu Teacher Training Package contains:
    • 3 DVDs - 2 How to Teach DVDs and 1 IBDA Opportunity DVD bonus
    • 13 Audio Cds so you can listen to the course when you don't have time to read
    • 240 page Training Course Study Manual full of information you'll need to understand what to do and how to do it
    Is it affordable for you? Well, think of it this way - if this course helps you to get or keep only 1 extra student for 1 year it will pay you back double your investment! Plus you'll save yourself years of trial and error learning!
  • P.S. Remember, it really is one thing to be able to do techniques well and an entirely different thing to be able to share the teachings in a way so that others can understand what you are sharing and be able to do well with it.
    This course will teach you how to set up training, create schedules, create themes and select material for your classes. It will also teach you how to instruct a class and how to handle dojo situations as well as teach you how to interact with your students.

    You would not still be reading this far unless your were really interested in being a Shidoshi or learning more about how to teach. Maybe you want to know how to do lesson plans for your students or just to be a part of the lineage and pass it on down to your children.

    We urge you to get started today, if you haven't already started on the Shidoshi - Ninjutsu Path. Like everyone else you'll begin your training at 10th kyu level and work your way through the material. At IBDA we all start the journey with the first level of learning the 9th kyu material.

    By adding this Shidoshi Teacher Training to your studies, when you get your Shodan (or Nidan) you will already be trained to open up your own Ninjutsu dojo. Those that complete this course will be granted a Shidoshi-ho ( a direct student under Shihan Van Donk).  

    IBDA ranks come from the International Bujinkan Dojo Association and are signed Doshi Richard Van Donk.
    Getting your Shodan is a major Achievement Level (Level 1).
    The next Achievement Level (Level 2) would be earning your Shidoshi-ho.
    Achievement Level 3 is to advance through the 2nd dan - 5th dan educational materials we have carefully established to prepare you for the 5th dan test with Doshi Richard Van Donk.
    Once you pass this test you will become a fully licensed Master teacher, a Shidoshi (Achievement Level 4).
    Achievement Level 5 would be becoming a Shihan (8th to 10th Dan).
    Always remember that the greatest level of all is what you will feel inside, the changes you have made in your life and how this has affected others because of your hard-earned efforts. These studies have been proven to change lives.
    Start your journey of being a great Shidoshi today.
    I look forward to helping you realize your dreams,
    Richard Van Donk, Doshi
    IBDA Director
  • PPS. Again, you get all of this for only $297!!! It really will save you years of errors and heartache. You will truly understand what it really means to be a Shidoshi - A Teacher of the Warrior Ways of Enlightenment!

    And the best part is, if this course helps you to get or keep only 1 student for 1 year it will pay you back double your investment!

    #Shidoshi101 only $297!!!  SPECIAL PRICE $279-

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  • 5
    Teachers courses

    Posted by Timothy McCormick on Jun 6th 2020

    This is an excellent work, I personally did not understand Bujinkan view of the arts till I got this anyone training should by this for the knowledge alone and how to look at yourself and others even if you never find to teach. You can tell this is Doshi 's passion in these course. Thanks again sensei for creating I can see the good and bad habit I picked up from my other arts and what I need to work on as person because of this course.

  • 5
    The best

    Posted by Shane Justice on May 18th 2019

    I love it. It has so much information and history. I'm excited to learn it and one day teach it.