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shodanbk1-yellow-7-20-3inch.jpg 9th, 8th, 7th Kyu LEVEL ONE NINJUTSU/NINPO TAIJUTSU Training Manual complete with step-by-step photos for each technique -UPDATED AUG 2020 (MajorUpdate)


Don't waste your time- Learn your techniques and the Japanese names correctly the first time!


This MANUAL is LEVEL ONE of the OFFICIAL IBDA BUJINKAN NINJUTSU/NINPO TAIJUTSU SHODAN NO MAKI used by Bujinkan students and instructors around the world and includes the techniques and principles of 9th Kyu, 8th Kyu and 7th Kyu explained in detailed instruction with step-by-step photos. 



·     Sections on Doshi Richard Van Donk, Hatsumi-Sensei, and Takamatsu-Sensei 


·     A  background and overview of Bujinkan Ninpo Taijutsu plus a brief history of the Ninja and of the schools


·     Dojo etiquette and rules plus How to bow in and bow out of class 


·     Photos of the Kamae Postures and the 16 Fists


·          Pressure Point Charts and a Weapons Photo Chart


·     Common mistakes we find students do at each level 


·          Ninja Glossary


·    Ranking Requirements, Testing Guidelines, Plus much, much more.  


Our manuals are the most comprehensive Ninjutsu / Ninpo Taijutsu studies available anywhere and the most used reference books for Bujinkan students and teachers alike around the world!


Get this Ninjutsu-Ninpo Taijutsu Training Manual (or save $10 and get the complete set of  three) and Learn your techniques correctly the first time!  


#BK-ShodanBkOne  $34.95    

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  • 5
    It looks great love the tradition

    Posted by Jerry Wideman on May 9th 2022

    I love the addition of the new changes and over all set up of the information.

  • 5
    It looks great love the tradition

    Posted by Jerry Wideman on Oct 26th 2021

    These books are priceless in knowledge if you want the pure art of the ninja .Thank you for years of sacrifice.

  • 5
    this book works

    Posted by robert j egan on Mar 19th 2021

    this book work and is easy to understand anyone who wants to learn true ninjutsu i recomed this book to anyone who is looking for true ninjutsu

  • 5
    Great reference

    Posted by Bobby Walker on Jul 3rd 2020

    As a new student, this is a must have. Great reference tool.

  • 5
    I love the manual. I had the original manual from a decade ago. Its graet to get pictures to refer to quickly wiyhout having to put the dvds on all the time!

    Posted by on Mar 12th 2018

    A lot of very motivational messages, that inspire to go forward.