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If you're learning hanbo in your studies then this is the dvd for you. 

HANBOJUTSU teaches you everything you've ever wanted to know about the hanbo, from the history of this 3ft wooden staff to concepts for using it, plus several postures, the best way to hold it effectively, and striking drills using one hand and two hands from each of the natural postures (stances).

Defense tactics are taught for many types of attackers whether they grab, punch, kick or use a knife. This DVD will teach you how to grapple, disarm, choke or throw your attacker even if they grab onto your weapon.

Hanbo is covered on the Ninjutsu BlackBelt Home Study Course as well, but this dvd goes even more indepth on the subject, making it a great addition to your studies.

This DVD was filmed at a live seminar in the park with lots of realistic demonstrations as well as step by step explanations.

By Shihan Richard Van Donk  1hr 45min #DVD301