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Fighting in Armor -

Samurai vs. Modern Day Comparison

Protecting yourself with armor during combat has been used for thousands of years on the battlefield. It makes great sense to protect a fragile body that can be easily damaged. What is little known is how to win against someone who is wearing such protective armor when you yourself do not have on armor (or even if you also have armor on).

In our Budo studies we examine and train in schools that used Samurai armor in ancient times. Until you have worn and practiced your wazas and techniques in armor then you will not really understand the aspects of that school. You will quickly learn that the weight transfers alone while stepping will change the technique if your footwork is not properly placed.

In this Fighting in Armor DVD we compare Samurai Armor and it's modern Sherriff swat team counterpart. We are fortunate to have Sheriff/Swat team leader Ron Elges (Bujinkan Sandan) to bring his gear to demonstrate and explain it, and to have historian and Bujinkan Judan Paul Richardson explain by actual demonstration the piece by piece parts of Samurai armor as he puts in on Shihan Jeff Davis so you learn the proper way to put it on. 


Shihan Richard Van Donk goes much further by teaching Unarmed defense against BOTH Samurai Armor and Modern Armor. You will be amazed at how the parts of the armor can be used against you. At times you will wonder why you would want to even wear it. This is an amazing use of taijutsu that should not be missed. Learning this information could save your life if a bad person is wearing armor and attacking you without warrant. If you do wear armor to protect yourself in modern day combat, such as police work or military, then you really need to see this as it will show you where your weakness are.

DVD554 $39.95