Bushindo Patch

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The Official Bushindo University Uniform/Jacket Patch 

This is a beautiful large patch (10 inches by 9 1/2 inches) done in highest quality thread with near 25 different colors including gold and silver metallics that shine with luster. 

The Torii Gate to represent your path. 
The Tiger (Courage-Confidence) and Dragon (Strength-Abundance) and the Eagle (Freedom-Vision) Powers.
Wheel of Light represents the Golden Matrix Knowledge.


Meant to be sewn on the back of the uniform or favorite Jacket, like i have done. Or on a carry bag. I have one on my meditation wall above the kamiza to remind of the powers and the path. 

Careful work was done in its excellent design (the cost reflects the metallic thread used and the large size of the patch)  

#PA-BU $50.00