Wild crafted Red Reishi Powder

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Wild crafted Red Reishi Powder

This is the most potent Reishi extract available, containing absolutely no fillers or hidden bulk by-products. You can readily taste the superiority of our reishi extract by putting a little on the tongue. No other reishi extract can get near it!


Shaman Shack Herbs is pleased to state that our Reishi Powdered extract is 2x more powerful than the industry standard Reishi supplements on the market. Our Reishi is wild crafted and utilizes the fruiting body only, which is far more potent in its therapeutic properties than the mycelia contained in many Reishi products. Mix a quarter teaspoon of this ultra potent 10;1 Reishi extract into hot water for an excellent coffee-like tasting beverage, add nut milk and honey for a latte, or cocoa powder to produce a mocha drink, or add to smoothies. 


Ingredients: Reishi powdered extract 10:1 wildcrafted fruiting body only