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Reishi Spirit Potion Tea

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Reishi Spirit Potion Tea

 Put together by a Master Herbalist, the herbs in Spirit Potion Tea have been used by China's elite for thousands of years and are attributed to enhancing the spiritual orientation of China's leaders during the Golden Era of technological and cultural advancement (Tang and Han Dynasties, approx.1000 B.C.-1000 A.D.)

This is the formula for anyone who wishes to ascend spiritually in this life.
reishi-tea.jpg Ingredients; Reishi mushroom, Albizzia flower, Asparagus root, Spirit Poria, Longan, Schizandra, Lycium, Jujube date, Lo Han Quo (sweet herb).

Reishi Mushroom, the Emperor's herb, is called the herb of spiritual immortality and is often depicted in ancient scroll paintings as a bridge between Earth and Heaven. Reishi appears to activate a person'åÕs spiritual orientation and open the Crown Chakra. It is said to aid one in clearing old karmic obstacles and psychic baggage.

Spirit Poria is said to uplift yet ground the spirit. 

Longan calms the heart.

Albizzia flower is said to help one overcome heartbreak and anxiety.

Asparagus root is said to enable spiritual adepts and hermits in the mountains of China to åÔflyåÕ - and one does begin to have dreams of flying after regular consumption of Asparagus root.


This is the formula for anyone who wishes to ascend spiritually in this life.


Makes 4 quarts of tea.  #Herb-SSReishi   $22.00


"I have personally found great value in this Reishi Spirit Potion Tea. It truely has awakenend my mind. I take some form of Reishi daily." Richard Van Donk