KI KO - MicroCosmic Orbit Method

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KiKo - The Yayama Microcosmic Orbit Method.
(In Chinese it is called ChiGung)
This is a GREAT practice shown by a REAL master. Dr. Yayama is the most sought after Ki master in Japan for health and vitality. He is healing people from all walks of life with these practices and his energy medicine.


LEARN IT FOR YOURSELF from Japan's best Life Energy Flow Master

On this dvd Dr. Yayama Toshihiko teaches you how to master the flow of your life's energy. Ki is your life energy. It is also known as Chi in China (ChiKung, Qigong).
Many people work out to strengthen the physical body but what about the energy system that drives the physical body?


The Microcosmic Orbit Method will energize you, awaken the body, create better physical strength and an inner peace. You will feel more alive when you practice this remarkable healing form. Dr. Yayama, a prominent professor of energy healing medicine, teaches Japanese Chi Gung in an exceptional way.

This is the Level One dvd of a 2 part series. 


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