Kali Ray TriYoga: Yoga For Two

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Kali Ray TriYoga: Yoga For Two

Countless students have benefited from the TriYoga method, experiencing greater vitality and improved health. In Yoga For Two, partners can gain these benefits by working together to experience a deep stretch and relaxation with postures.This DVD is separated into 5 posture sequences, so you can practice all 5 exercises in one session, giving you a full 60 minute workout, or work on each exercise individually as your time permits.


The Art & Science of Yogaflow®

Kali Ray, creator and developer of TriYoga, is a world-renowned authority in the field of Yoga. She has been teaching Yoga for nearly 3 decades, and thousands of students around the world have enjoyed the benefits of her inspirational yoga method. 

TriYoga is a complete Body-Mind-Spirit workout for all ages. It helps harmonize the flow of body movement, with concentration and simple breathing techniques, allowing your mind and body to relax while strengthening. 


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