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PA-IBDA Shihan

JUDAN Shihan PATCH - from IBDA Hombu

Official IBDA Hombu Dojo 10th Dan Uniform Patch.

ibda-shihan.jpgOur Patches are on very fine fabric and made with very high quality thread. We have never had a problem with our patches even in the wash. We cannot fully guarantee that as there are far too many different settings on a washer.  We  recommend washing your gi in cold water and hang dry. This is better for the Gi also.
For best results use velcro to take your patch off before washing your uniform. 



Please Note: These patches are made for IBDA Students.

We offer these patches as a service to the Bujinkan community. This Patch is a statement of achieved rank grade of Judan so we must know that you have earned it.

The IBDA office is directed by Doshi Richard Van Donk to verify your official IBDA Dan rank before sending this patch. NONE will be sold to anyone who has not earned the right to wear it.

 Thank you for your understanding.

Remember to order your stars ahead of time.

PA-IBDA Sensei  $40-