DAN PATCH - from Japan Hombu

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DAN PATCH - from Japan Hombu

DAN PATCH - from Japan Hombu

Official Bujinkan Hombu Dojo 1st dan to 4th dan felt Uniform Patch direct from Soke Hatsumi in Japan. 

danpatch.jpgPatches are felt and do not hold up well in the wash. For best results wash your gi in cold water.

Please note that the extreme changing relationship between the Yen and the Dollar has affected our costs from the Hombu.


Please Note: 

To order a DAN patch you must send us a photocopy of your Bujinkan Dan certificate. This is required by Soke Hatsumi and Shihan Richard Van Donk to verify your official Bujinkan rank, unless you tested with us and are already on our certified dan list records. You can e-mail the copy or photo of your certificate to our office or fax it to 1-707-987-2365.